Detox, Cleanse, and Lose Weight with True Alternate-Day Fasting

Detox, Cleanse, and Lose Weight with True Alternate-Day Fasting

True alternate-day fasting, just like the name suggests, is fasting for one whole day, eating freely ( not crazy 10k calories diet freely, though) for the next and then fasting and so on.

On the non-fasting days, there is a set amount of calories that you can consume, depending on your existing weight and how much weight you actually want to lose. On the fasting day, you drink water and utilize fasting aids to make the process easier and optimize your health. The absolute best way to do "true" alternate-day fasting is with fasting aids like bone broth, exogenous ketones, BCAAs, and electrolytes. These fasting aids are crucial for curbing your hunger, maintaining your health and detoxing your body while maintaining autophagy (your body's natural process of healing, detoxifying, and cleansing itself).

Alternate day Fasting for Weight Loss

One of the greatest benefits to alternate-day fasting is the weight loss. Studies have proven that it is extremely effective, but what the studies don't talk about are the profound psychological effects of this diet. After the first week you will find a renewed appreciation for wholesome, healthy foods, eating healthy will no longer feel like a chore, and your cravings for unhealthy food will all but vanish. This is especially true when combining ADF with a low-carb, high-fat diet.

Alternate Day Fasting vs Intermittent Fasting

Alternate day fasting is basically a type of Intermittent Fasting. If you don’t want to follow the 16/8 plan and if you aren’t too keen on fasting every day, alternate day fasting is your solace. It allows you to eat normally half of the week. It is quite convenient for those people who work all day and don’t have time for prepping meals and stuff. Being busy all day really does help you keep your mind off your grumbling stomach.

Alternate day fasting: How it affects your health

Alternate day fasting, like intermittent fasting, helps you stay healthy and combat diseases.

Research suggests that alternate day fasting stimulates autophagy, which is a natural process in which human body degrades old cells and recycles them in form of new cells. This slows down aging and prevents a number of diseases like heart conditions and cancer, even.

Restricting calorie intake and losing weight always have a positive effect on your body. It helps you control blood pressure, reduce blood sugar level, lower the LDL cholesterol amount in blood by 25%, decreases blood fat or triglyceride level by 30%, helps you get that bikini body by reducing your waist size considerably.


  1. Fast, healthy weight loss while maintaining your energy.
  2. Fasting aids like bone broth, exogenous ketones, BCAAs, and electrolytes make the experience way easier and healthier.
  3. Fasting stimulates a profound natural detox and healing process in your body known as autophagy.

Alternate day fasting, however, may have some downsides to it. The cons of this otherwise beneficial diet include:

  1. It's hard in the beginning, but only for the first week or so. You will likely experience a bit of lethargy and low energy in the first 1-2 weeks, but this will be drastically reduced by using fasting aids like bone broth, BCAAs, exogenous ketones, and electrolytes. Also something else happens: You will renew your taste for good, quality foods.. junk food will suddenly seem a lot less appealing.
  2. People with a weak immune system or kidney problems are generally advised not to follow this diet. Also, if you are already on medication for diabetes, following this diet can lower blood sugar levels o dangerous extents, hence you need to consult your doctor before starting this diet.

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