Bone Broth: Fasting Made Easy

Bone Broth: Fasting Made Easy

Bone broth fasting combines two extremely beneficial things together:

  1. Bone broth, which has been known for centuries in imparting health benefits to the body.
  2. Intermittent fasting, whose benefits are well, as clear as day!

Together, bone broth and intermittent fasting gives you bone broth fasting which results in an energy boost, enhances cognitive functions, improves digestive system functioning, reduces weight, even brings out that glow on your skin which we all yearn for.

With many benefits, what does one have to do in a bone broth fast you ask?
It's simple, just like a water fast. You abandon solid foods completely and drink bone broth throughout the day.

Bone broth: Your Super Elixir?

Just like elixirs energize and strengthen wizards in fairy tales, bone broth recharges and fuels your body.

● Bone broth is rich in bioavailable nutrients which energizes your body throughout the fast. Unlike water fasts, it provides all the necessary nutrients to your body keeping it charged up with energy.
● Bone broth has collagen, gelatin, anti-inflammatory chemicals, amino acids, and other healing substances that improves your digestion, reduces inflammation in the body , boosts immune system, reduces joint pain and related issues, strengthen bones and muscles, improves skin condition and ward off skin diseases, improves your nervous system and cognitive functions, to name a few.
● Bone broth has active ingredients that help to maintain blood sugar balance and overall chemical makeup of the body.
● Bone broth is extremely beneficial for skin. It reduces the effects of skin conditions like acne and eczema. It also reduces cellulite and stretch marks.
● Bone broth is also known to improve sleep quality and ward off any sleep-related diseases.

How to Do A Bone Broth Fast

There's only one rule : fasting accompanied by consumption of bone broth.
Normally, you will be required to drink five to eight cups of bone broth within the 24 hour fast. This allows your digestive system to reset and absorb all the nutrients and goodness of the broth.
Bone broth fast is just like water fast. In water fast you consume 8 to 10 glasses of water. In bone broth however, 5 to 8 cups of bone broth will provide enough energy to last for a period of 24 hours.

Consumption of bone broth:
Depending on your body weight, you can drink 5 to 8 cups of bone broth during the day. For a 120 pound heavy body, 5 to 6 cups of bone broth is enough to meet the daily protein requirement. However, if you wish to have more, you can.

Extended fasting can also be done in this case. After every 24 hour period, have one Paleo friendly meal and then revert back to drinking bone broth for another 24 hour window. Paleo-friendly diets include protein main and salad on the side (grilled chicken and salad or fish with greens).

Get the best of bone broth fasting

To get maximum benefits from bone broth fasting, follow the 24 hour fast plan. Before actually following the whole thing, do a mini fast first to warm up.

Try to avoid intense exercise during fasting. You can go for walks or do yoga during fasting. Drink bone broth that has been made with quality bones, or else the whole fast will lose its meaning. Grass fed and organic chicken or beef bones would be better suited for this.

Its is generally advised by doctors not to follow this diet in certain cases.
Avoid bone broth fasting if you are malnourished or underweight or have eating disorders.

Pregnant and nursing mothers should also keep a safe distance from bone broth fasting.

If you have a heart condition, kidney disease, diabetes or some immune system deficiency.

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